Cargo quality claims (off specifications) are very common among the marine industry. Most of the times the cause of a cargo off specification is extremely difficult to identify and even more difficult is to understand when and where it took place and whose fault is that, whether it’s vessels’ or shippers’ or others’. It takes both a deep knowledge of the various chemical properties of the hundreds types of cargoes which are shipped daily around the world and a deep knowledge of the vessel’s structures and operations.

CMC Marine provides chemical consultancy to the marine industry with specific relevance to the forensic investigation on quality disputes for shipments of petroleum products, chemicals, vegetable oils, coal, ores and other dry bulk cargoes. This is the core of our activity and our team is used to attend on board vessels everywhere in Asia within a short notice.

Our consultants have an extensive experience of various cargoes having worked extensively both in chemical laboratories and on board vessels. As per company policy all our consultants must have spent a total period of over 6 months on board vessels either in port or during navigation.