P&I Clubs

A P&I Club is a mutual insurance association that provides risk pooling, information and representation for its members. Unlike a marine insurance company, which reports to its shareholders, a P&I club reports only to its members. P&I stands for “Protection and Indemnity” and they act as an insurance for ship owners and traders.

There are 13 main P&I clubs which represent almost the entire world’s shipping industry. CMC Marine is proud to work for 8 of them receiving appointments through their representatives based both in Singapore and in Europe.

Ship owners

CMC Marine has gained the trust and support as chemical consultants of various ship owners based in both Europe and Asia with a total estimated fleet of over 700 vessels sailing worldwide at any given time. We are their chemical consultants and surveyors.


They are the so called charterers who “rent” the vessel in order to sub rent it or to directly transport their cargoes from loading port to discharging port and sell it to the receivers. The most important charterers are the large oil companies and some private trading companies. CMC Marine works for few trading companies based in Europe whenever they send their cargo to South East Asia.

Insurance Companies

CMC works for large European insurance companies which provide coverage for shipments of vegetable oils as well as highly valuable industrial components across South East Asia.