CMC Marine has become a leading firm as cargo superintendent in the South East Asia region. Our activity is focused in Loss Control as well as Blendings.

The discharge of oil products might seem a straight forward issue but it often leads to high cargo quantity losses. To ensure that these losses are taken to the minimum, CMC team board vessels during the loading and/or discharging operations in order to perform very accurate and extensive measurements and controls. Thanks to the experience of its personnel CMC provide an extremely important service to all traders and charterers.

In order to meet the cargo quality requirements of a receiver, different parcels of fuel oils (or other petroleum products) are often blended on board the vessel under the instruction of the charterer. This is a delicate operation as the quantities involved must be carefully calculated and respected according to the full quality of the various parcels to be blended. On top of that, specific procedures must be undertaken in order for the parcels to blend un full and avoid stratification. CMC team is highly experienced in this activity providing both the analytical planning to calculate the relevant quantities as well as the various blending procedures to be carefully followed by the vessel.